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Dear friends,

We are proud to present you our new web shop with one of the most respectable offers in the world where you will find everything you need for the biggest competitions and trainings as well as for leisure recreation. Thousands of different products are a guarantee of quality performance and legacy of our loyal friends and customers, among whom are many world champions in all martial arts. Our intention is to make you proud to use the products in our offer.

You could see the products from our offer at the latest Olympic Games, as well as at the European and world championships. It is understandable that the products from our offer are used for the greatest fights for the world champion title in all categories.

Products from our programs have been approved by a number of respected international sports institutions, and here are just a few of them: AIBA, WTF, WKF, IJF, WBA, WBC, WBO, IBO, IBF, UFC…

We have all the best that can be found in the modern world offer, so we are approaching you at full capacity, and the scope of your needs and desires.

Become a champion with equipment created by champions,

Sports greetings
Joseph R. McDonald

Company Information
LMK international is one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and clothing for martial arts and fitness, as well as associated items. The company operates internationally and is the absolute leader in its field of activity in Southeast Europe. Owner of a number of protected designs, patents and trade names, and representative and distributor of the world's largest brands with a very sophisticated and recognisable style of operation.

All additional information can be obtained by sending an e-mail: info@pride.hr

Brand Information
EVERLAST® has been synonymous with boxing since 1910. It was EVERLAST® that produced the first real boxing satin briefs and a series of innovations throughout history that inscribed this name deep in the history of world sports. EVERLAST® has been used by the world's greatest athletes of all time and we will mention just a few: Joe Frazier, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Jake LaMotta, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Evander Holifield, George Foreman, Muhamed Ali, Pernell Whitaker, Sugar Shane Mosley, Randy Couture, Jermaine Taylor, Kelly Pavlik, etc ... Today, EVERLAST® is the exclusive supplier of the world's greatest sports events, including world champion titles according to WBA, WBC, WBO, IBO, IBF versions, and a holder of the AIBA certificate. EVERLAST® products are regularly seen at trainings of today’s top athletes.

PRIDE®; is synonymous with the most extreme martial arts. In a word, it describes the specific character of top fighters and athletes. Ultimate Choice ™ is just an indicator that clearly guides your final selection and proves that your search is over. This means that you have found the name that will turn your wishes and needs, and the greatest demands of modern martial arts and sports, into reality and ensure you successful championship training. The extraordinary quality of items and the wide product range position PRIDE® products at the forefront of world-class names and set the highest standards. The greatest masters of martial arts and sports, world authorities in the field of sports medicine as well as relevant sports institutions and especially the greatest athletes of today, participated in the creation of this latest PRIDE® line.

adidas®; the name that has marked the history of world sports and the greatest sporting name of today. In our offer you can find the latest equipment and clothing from adidas® lines for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, wrestling, taekwondo, karate and judo as we are an authorized distributor. adidas® holds AIBA, WBC, WKF, IJF, WAKO, ITF and WT certificates. adidas® is the official supplier and sponsor of today's greatest athletes.

CLETO REYES®; the name that has been the backbone of boxing since gloves were first used in the fight for the title of world professional champion in 1945. Since then, Reyes has expanded and grown its line of equipment offering a complete range of fully authentic boxing equipment made in Mexico. Today, there is no doubt at all that Reyes gloves will always be "champion gloves".

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Graphic design: Marko Gluhak, Dino Orčić, Branko Bernardić
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Warning: Boxing and other martial arts are contact sports. The products in this catalogue are manufactured with care and help protect you to a certain degree, but they do not guarantee injury prevention. Persons using the products in this catalogue must take full responsibility for all risks of injury, including fatal injuries. The manufacturer or the distributor shall not be held liable for any injury or death caused by the use of the products in this catalogue.

99% of equipment is destroyed by improper and forceful use, improper putting on and taking off and similar. We ask users to use, put on and take off the products very carefully, otherwise the products get needlessly damaged and we shall not be able to accept your complaint due to intentional destruction.

Over time and through usage, the materials used to manufacture our products lose some of their properties and the products need to be replaced. Martial arts series products are subject to extreme wear and tear which is why they change more often.